People achieve more when they feel valued, informed and connected.

Bring distributed teams together with Rippl and unlock a culture of employee engagement and recognition

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Helping companies see the benefits of recognition and reward since 2002

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What is Rippl?

Rippl is an employee engagement platform which enables you to recognise, reward and celebrate your hard-working people. Brought to you by the employee engagement specialists at River Software, Rippl helps your workforce feel valued, informed and connected, boosting happiness and productivity.

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Recognise your people

Celebrate success, big or small, and bring company values and personality to life

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Drive employee engagement

Give people a voice and gain valuable insights from their feedback and opinions

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Reward their hard work

Create incentives and allocate rewards to high-performing individuals or teams

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Unite your teams

Foster a community of like-minded individuals and encourage story-sharing

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Keep everyone in the picture

One of the leading causes of disengaged employees? Lack of transparency. Start building trust with your employees by keeping them up-to-date with the latest company news and giving them a voice.

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Boost employee happiness

Recognising a well-deserving colleague makes their sense of wellbeing and belonging soar, which is infectious. An appreciated employee becomes a happier team-member and a recognition ripple of positivity occurs, felt by those all around. Research by the Society for Human Resource Management shows the ripple reaches even further, with 41% of companies experiencing an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of regular and meaningful peer-to-peer recognition.

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Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover

Your employees need to feel that their work matters. Every individual, regardless of their position or length of service, needs to be valued, involved and listened to.  According to Forbes, 96% of employees believe showing empathy and recognition will lead to better employee retention. Acknowledging their contribution will help create loyal employees who never want to leave.

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Increase productivity and profitability

Research by Gallup shows that highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable. A happy and connected workforce coupled with a reduction in absenteeism and staff turnover creates a team more focused, dedicated and content, which positively impacts productivity.

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Employee engagement built for everyone

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Sales Managers

Increase performance and productivity with Rippl’s quick-to-deploy incentives builder. Track team data to spot the movers and shakers in your workplace and celebrate their hard-work with enticing rewards.

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HR Managers

Attract and retain your top talent, and strengthen your employee value proposition (EVP), with a recognition-focused solution to help you boost the motivation, happiness and wellbeing of your people.

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Team Leaders

Recognise and celebrate the great work your team are doing and keep everyone in the loop on the social timeline. Monitor your team’s performance and send tailored push notifications to share important info.

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Internal Comms Managers

Streamline and transform the way you communicate with your people. Share posts and articles that reinforce your culture and values whilst giving you the ability to track employee engagement.

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Connect with an interactive community of like-minded people and help your peers feel appreciated for their work they do. Experience the recognition you deserve, too, and build up hard-earned points to spend on a wide range of instant digital rewards.

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