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Features of the Rippl platform

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Recognise and share great work from individuals and teams using bespoke recognition cards, or colleagues can get creative by using their own photos or videos.

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Social timeline

The place where communities are created. Your people can easily engage with their team-mates' recognitions and stories with likes, comments, photos and GIFs.

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News feed

Designed to share articles, announcements, blogs and interviews. Our in-house comms and engagement specialists can help with this, if needed.

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Incentives builder

Build, launch and track bespoke incentive programmes to help motivate your people to achieve desired outcomes. Attribute points against KPIs to reward top performers.

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Rewards & Nominations

Nominate your people for stand-out performance or recognise employees for length of service, anniversaries or birthdays. Spend points on instant digital vouchers.

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Surveys & Polls

Gain instant feedback through polls or gauge engagement levels through surveys, providing you with priceless insight and information to help inform business decisions.

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Learning decks

Reinforce knowledge with bite-sized learning and quizzes. Recording of answers and completion rates makes this handy for compliance as well as employee development.

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Keep tabs on all areas of your Rippl platform with bespoke reports covering engagement metrics, recognition, reward budgets, employee data, incentives and more.

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Offering single sign-on and integration with HR systems to make the experience for users more efficient. We can accommodate other integrations too, just ask for more info.

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Deliver on culture and ROI

Rippl’s built-in Microsoft Power BI reporting puts the most important data at your fingertips, helping you showcase return on investment and improve decisions around engagement.

Compare and measure how your company values are lived out across the organisation by drilling down to view interactions, activity and feedback by geography, site or department.

Unlock insights in all areas of your Rippl platform including user activity, surveys, polls, news feed interactions, incentive performance, budgets and more.

We're by your side

We’ve been creating employee engagement and incentives programmes for almost 20 years and have learned what it takes to achieve the perfect balance of recognition and reward.

Communications and engagement

We are proud to differentiate ourselves by offering “software-with-a-service”. You could take Rippl out-of-the-box, but most of our customers use our in-house communications and engagement experts. Whether you need a hand with launch or want ongoing support to create interesting content, our experts add enormous value and impact to your employee engagement.

In-house developers

Almost half of the Rippl team is made up of highly-talented developers. Whether they’re coding the latest feature in our product roadmap or helping to design and brand a new Rippl platform for a customer, we have all the software expertise in-house which means we can turnaround projects quicker and to a high-standard.

Customer success

Your dedicated customer success manager will stay in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Rippl - we’ll even present back to you quarterly to show you how your Rippl is being used, what successes you’ve had and how you can improve usage to get more out of your platform.

Data management

We have come to learn over the years that employee data is almost always messy - there's rarely one source of streamlined data ready to upload to a new system, so our data experts are on hand to help. Whether you need support creating new KPIs or uploading new data, we have plenty of experience to support you.

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